Thank you for being one of our precious tutors, co-ordinators or facilitators! This is your reference page!

You can run your course at an approved SMU3A venue, how and when you see fit. If you would like to use the SMU3A Shed for your course, please contact the Course Co-ordinator for an available time slot.

Registration and Payment:

  1. Please advise any members, or those enquiring, that registration and payment may be made at the Shed on Mondays between 10am to 12pm. There will be a committee member at the front counter at that time.

Or hand the person a membership form which may be found on the front counter or download the same from

Alternately refer the person to the Snowy Mountains U3A webpage

  1. Tutors / Co-ordinators / Facilitators not attending another course other than their own presentation, and who do not wish to pay a membership fee, are asked to complete an Associate Membership form. Associate Members have no voting rights at SMU3A meetings.

  1. Receipts, along with name tags, may be collected from the wall above the Sign On book at the Shed.

  1. Please allow a reasonable time, following membership application payment, for processing.

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Course Attendance:

  1. It is important for insurance purposes that all attendees are both registered and financial members of Snowy Mountains U3A. Please check that all members of your group are both registered and financial for the current year by requesting their Membership Number and recording this on the Attendance Record Sheet, together with their Name, Telephone Number, Emergency Contact Number and Email Address.

  1. For each session please record attendance by a tick under the relevant date on the Attendance Sheet and remind Members to sign the Sign On book provided, and place their $1 donation in the tin provided. Both Attendance Sheet and Sign On book are necessary for Insurance purposes and to assist with records.

  1. Please return the Attendance Sheet at the end of each Quarter or Term to the IN tray on the Shed counter.

  1. Please encourage your group to wear name tags, at least in the initial sessions. Also, please ask that an Emergency Contact number be recorded on the back of their name tag for quick referencing if required.

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Safety is a priority and so before beginning each class please ensure that the teaching environment is safe. Please report any unsafe conditions to the President. (Refer to the Snowy Mountains U3A webpage for committee members )

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The following is the privacy statement from U3A. Please ensure that it is followed with regard to any information you may have as a tutor:

  • Snowy Mountains U3A collects personal information from members for organisational, communication, emergency and insurance purposes only. This information is held confidentially, and will not be provided to any third party individuals or organisations without the consent of the member.

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Unable to proceed with course:

If you are unable to proceed with the course or a particular session, please notify your class members and the Course Co-ordinator, or a Committee Member, in advance where possible. (Refer to the Snowy Mountains U3A webpage for committee members )

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Concerns or problems:

If you have any concerns or problems regarding the running of the course, please advise the Course Co-ordinator or a Committee Member immediately. We will be happy to help resolve any issues. (Refer to the Snowy Mountains U3A webpage for committee members )

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SMU3A website:

Our website is a way in which we keep our members informed and therefore we ask tutor / co-ordinators / facilitators to encourage the class participants to view the NoticeBoard webpage on a regular basis and we ask that tutors / co-ordinators / facilitators let the webmaster know of any class changes or news for inclusion on this webpage

The SMU3A Committee really appreciate your giving time to share your skills and interests with one of our groups. It is vitally important for the continuance of the SMU3A that we have skilled and dedicated tutors. For this, the Committee thank you.

SMU3A Committee

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