Tutors / Co-ordinators / Facilitators

Thank you for being one of our precious tutors, co-ordinators or facilitators! This is your reference page! 

The links below provide access to important information and forms.

          • Registration and payment
          • Course Attendance
          • Safety
          • Privacy
          • Unable to proceed with course
          • Concerns or problems
          • Claim for Expenses
          • Membership Application Form

You can run your course at an approved SMU3A venue, how and when you see fit. If you would like to use the SMU3A “Upstairs” for your course, please contact the Course Co-ordinator for an available time slot.

The SMU3A Committee really appreciate your giving time to share your skills and interests with one of our groups. It is vitally important for the continuance of the SMU3A that we have skilled and dedicated tutors. For this, the Committee thank you.

SMU3A Committee