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“Hope to see you in a course in 2018”

Term dates vary according to need, availability and demand!

Contact as listed OR you can register your interest by email  HERE.

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                                     Tuesdays 09.30am – 11.30noon       Tutor :  Gordon Griffin

For information on this course, please contact Gordon as listed below.
See pictures associated with this course

Contact :   Gordon Griffin              Phone :    6456 7377           Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                     Starting Date :   13th February 2018

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                                             Fridays 1.30pm – 4.00pm              Tutor :  Freda Lovell

My crochet class will be very casual, anyone from beginners to more experienced will be welcome. Materials needed will be minimum. I can provide wool and hooks to practice with or byo. Attendees will be given fresh ideas. The skies the limit, we will have fun!!!              See pictures associated with this course . See samples produced in class

Contact ::  Freda Lovell         Phone :  6452 2154           Email: 
Venue :  The Shop                                            Starting Date :   12th January 2018

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Digital Photography          

                                      Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.30am       Tutor :  Gordon Griffin

For information on this course, please contact Gordon as listed below.

Contact :   Gordon Griffin              Phone :   6456 7377         Email: 
Venue :  The Shop                                               Starting Date :  13th February 2018

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                           Thursdays 3.00pm – 4.00pm           Facilitator : Penny Vos

Esperanto is a uniquely learner-friendly language for intercultural communication all around the world.
This 9-lesson course will tell you the story of the world’s only successful designed language and teach you at least the first quarter* of everything you need to know to speak and understand Esperanto. Due to the design of Esperanto, it would be possible to teach virtually all of the language in that time, but learning takes a little longer and I am allowing time for games, songs/rhymes (depending if you like to sing) and activities to help you remember what you are learning. It will be both fun and good for your brain (and will help you learn another language faster if you are interested in that**)
Penny has been a teacher forever. She learned Esperanto in a short course for parents when her children were learning Esperanto in early primary school. She taught it herself a few months later and her students were staying after school to Skype in Esperanto with other teenagers in Switzerland before the end of term 1. She has used Esperanto on her travels in 14 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe and written books to equip other teachers to teach Esperanto to their classes in a fun and effective way.

* This is negotiable if participants would like to go slower or faster.
**Just 2 weeks learning Esperanto can get you months ahead in your target language – Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

Contact : Penny Vos                    Phone :  0429 170 739                       Email:
Venue : The Shop                                              Starting Date : unknown at this time

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French & French Oral                  

                                         Mondays 9.15am – 11.30am            Tutor :  Elizabeth Laught
and another class on ..     Mondays  5.00pm – 6.15pm              Tutor :  Elizabeth Laught

Classes are mixed group of people with no to good knowledge of French. You are asked to bring a pen and an exercise book, dictionary and if possible a sense of humour.  For the French Oral  come to the evening classes.  Feel free to bring your evening meal with you. There will be no sessions on during school and public holidays.

Contact :   Elizabeth Laught             Phone (preferred): 6452 3438           Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                                        Starting Date :  5th February 2018

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Introduction to Drawing            

                                     Tuesdays 12.30am – 2.30pm       Facilitator :  Toni Tarakson

This will be a hands on instruction on drawing for beginners. U3A is fortunate to have Toni Tarakson (paints and writes as Toni Cary) to volunteer as a Tutor for this new course

Toni was admitted into the National Art School at the age of 16. As a student she was taught introductory art, where all types of art were tasted : sculpture, still life, portraiture, plein air and much more. She currently specialises in life drawing, illustration, abstract painting and contemporary expressionism and has won several awards for her portraiture.

Contact :   Toni Tarakson                                                             Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                           Starting Date :    13th February 2018

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                               Wednesdays 10.00am – 12.30pm.       Organiser :  Anne Lehnert

Recycling used or unused tiles, crockery, mirror, stones, gems, anything that can be glued onto surfaces such as sealed terracotta, concrete, timber, MDF, or similar surfaces. We mosaic tables, wall hangings and signs, pots, birdbaths, almost anything. A couple of tools needed but it’s not an expensive hobby to take up and the results are amazing. As a group we help each other with ideas, and continually experiment. We meet on Wednesdays at Polo Flat and any SMU3A member can join in at any time, no experience required.  Sample of work produced

Contact  Anne Lehnert          Phone :  6454 6015            Email: 
Venue :  Workroom at Polo Flat Airfield                           Starting Date :  7th February 2018

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On Line Investing & Trading                

                                     Tuesdays:  9.30am – 11.30am       Tutor :  Gordon Griffin

Course will be unstructured and covers Sources of Info, Buying Options, Traders, Brokers, Publications, Searches, etc but will not require any cash as it will cover the technical aspects and the types of procedures. Practice will involve selecting a small portfolio and seeing in theory how it performs without actually buying shares, or finding and selecting an item to buy without actioning the purchase. The first few weeks will mainly looking at the information in publications and online and how to monitor progress. Payment options will be canvassed including which can be more convenient and the various security pitfalls. No investment recommendations will be covered as this is the province of licensed financial advisors and should be looked at in the broader context of a persons overall investment strategy. This should be looked at as the gaining of online tools to carry out a task which can be done in a number of ways and in no way assumes that the task will be actioned.

Contact :   Gordon Griffin              Phone : 6456 7377           Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                         Starting Date :  13th February 2018

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                                     Wednesdays 9.30pm – 11.00pm       Tutor :  Max Perry

The Poetry course aims to give a broad overview of a variety of poetry, in particular what is commonly known as ‘English  Poetry’.  This does not exclude coverage of the poetry of other nations.  The course attempts to break poetry into its broad genres and deal, in the main with poets considered ‘significant’.  Some well-known or much loved poems by so-called ‘lesser’ poets will be included. It certainly doesn’t aim to be a course in literature but rather to give participants an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world created by poetry.  It is hoped that members will bring along some of their favourites for group discussion. The length of the course will be determined by the ongoing interest of the members. 

Contact :   Max Perry              Phone :    6452 4184           Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                     Starting Date :   7th  February 2018

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Shakespeare – his life and times            

                                     Wednesdays 2.00pm – 3.30pm       Tutor :  Max Perry
Introduction class on ..  Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5.00pm       Tutor :  Max Perry

Introduction to Shakespeare  3.30 – 5.00 Wednesday
This course aims to introduce members to the life of Shakespeare and the society and culture of his time.  It also hopes to show the continuing relevance of Shakespeare and the ways in which he continues to colour and enrich our language.  Along the way discussion will discover ‘who wrote Shakespeare’ and the very little we know of his life.  It is proposed to run for six weeks.

Shakespeare  2.00 – 3.30  Wednesday
This course is all about the wonder, beauty and richness of Shakespeare’s dramatic works.  Both the reading of texts and viewing of DVD’s will be used to take the group on a journey through the ‘magic’ of Shakespeare.  The length of the course will solely be determined by the ongoing interest of the members. 

Contact :   Max Perry              Phone :    6452 4184           Email:
Venue :  The Shop                                                     Starting Date :   7th February 2018

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Silk Painting       

                                       Thursdays: 10:00am – 12:30pm        Facilitators:  Linda Prowse

Silk painting is an art class that caters for both the artistic and the non-artistic person. With the Serti technique, combined with the intense jewel-like colours of the dyes, and the lustrous sheen of the silk fabric, anyone can easily produce stunningly beautiful works of art. A substance called Gutta is used to draw the outline of a design onto stretched silk, and the dyes used to fill in the different areas with colour (much like colouring in which is now so much in vogue). Alternately, for the more artistic, free form can be used, and this, sometimes combined with the use of salt crystals, can be very effective.

There are some costs involved. Essential costs are:-
Silk at $15.70 a metre (1.14m width) but you can get hemmed scarves for less
than $10.00.
Dyes are $11.00 for each colour,
Gutta is $6.50 for 100 mls,
Applicator bottle and nib $5.00
Also needed are fine brushes and a frame (for small pictures an embroidery
frame can be used). If costs are a problem, then colours (the most expensive
part) can be shared – each bottle lasts a long time. There are also a few
other things that are not essential, but make life easier.        

Contact :  Linda Prowse                       Phone :  0411 048 957               Email:
Venue :   The Shop                                             Starting Date :  :  8th February 2018

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                                Monday: 1.30pm – 4.00pm       Co-ordinator :  Jan Werder

This is a uke group established in September 2013. We welcome new players who are keen, self starters. If you don’t have a ukulele, yet, come to one of our meetings anyway to see if you’d like to join. The group is a social, talkative, happy group. We strum, sing, and perform locally.

Contact Jan Werder          Phone :  0432 164 482             Email:
Venue :   The Shop                                                     Starting Date :  8th January 2017

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Using Tablets and Smart Phones                

                                Thursday:  on tutor availability       Co-ordinator :  John Hutton

This is a discussion and self help group where particpants bring along questions and help one another with the knowledge that one may already have or as a group research the question to come up with an answer.

Contact John Hutton                      Phone :                     

Venue :   The Shop                                                     Starting Date :  25th January 2017

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Would you like to suggest or run a ‘like minded’ course or discussion group ??

Contact as listed directly OR you can register your interest by email  HERE.

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