Snowy Mountains U3A

The Shop ..
 (Shop 8 Centennial Plaza (114 Sharp St., COOMA  NSW 2630
 ..  SMU3A snail mail address
PO Box 842  COOMA NSW 2630

Polo Flat Workroom
Airstrip Road, POLO FLAT, NSW 2630  (through the gates at the end of the road …. See directional detail map)


SMU3A committee ..

President: Max Perry 
Vice President: Darien Perry 
Correspondence Secretary: Ruth Fletcher 
Minutes Secretary: Rhonda Grimm 
Treasurer: Joan Krugger nominated by Kathy Byrne. In Joan’s absence position is declared vacant but Kathy continues to so act in the position 
Course Co-Ordinator: Vivien Berryman 
Membership Registrar; Joan Krugger
Publicity Officer: Fay Kilpatrick 
Public Officer; Kathy Byrnes
Odd jobs position: Richard Hopkins
Committee members: Alison Learoyd. Brenda Miles & John Hutton when needed.

as at 20th Feb 2020 AGM minutes


Click for. SMU3A 2020 – 2015 AGM minutes


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