Welcome to the U3A at COOMA

Retired or semi retired, come and join in our activities, courses, information sessions ….

U3A fills a gap in the community for those of us who are leaving the formal workforce and still have much more to do in life.

You can exercise your brain by participating in a class, leading an interest group or sharing your skills with others while learning something new yourself.

University of the Third Age (U3A) is a world-wide organisation that began in France in 1968. It was extremely successful and spread rapidly throughout the world, arriving in Australia in 1984. The U3A movement has been identified through academic research as being the fastest growing adult education movement in Australia.

The Snowy Mountains U3A offers a program of weekly classes to the public based in Cooma. Course presenters/leaders/tutors are, as far as possible, drawn from membership, although community volunteers who are not members are most welcome to present courses or one-off presentations that may be relevant to U3A members.

The possibilities are endless. If you can think of a subject, then we can do it.

Some suggestions are:

  • Arts: Drawing, painting, pottery, lead lighting, mosaics, silk painting and more …

  • Languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Esperanto and more …

  • DIY building: repairs, furniture upholstery, picture framing and more …

  • Music & music appreciation: ukulele, recorder, drumming, guitar … even singing!

  • Sports: badminton, swimming, line dancing, rock n roll dancing, tai chi, yoga and more …

  • Computing and IT for beginners: an extension of computers and IT, mobile phone use

  • Other subjects: film appreciation, book club, forums, psychology, games and more

  • Literature: Shakespeare, poetry appreciation, creative writing, writing a memoir and more

Many of these above subjects are already established and others are under development, with more to be launched in the future. Your further suggestions are appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

Current information is available at the SMU3A “Upstairs” in Centennial Plaza Cooma and the Cooma Visitors’ Centre, both of which are situated in Sharp Street, Cooma. If you are interested in joining a course or tutoring a course, please contact the leader of that class or enquire at the U3A “Upstairs” in Centennial Plaza, Cooma for a more detailed course information.

Visitors to SMU3A are welcome for one session as a trial.

Membership application forms are available from the SMU3A “Upstairs”, the Cooma Visitors’ Centre and can be downloaded for printing from the website: https://snowymountains.u3anet.org.au/u3a-membership-forms/ 

Membership costs $40 annually and includes a name badge, access to any number of sessions, up to date course lists and e-bulletins.

Attendees at sessions pay a nominal contribution per person per session when they come along. The fee is currently $1 for each class which assists with management costs. Presenters/leaders/tutors are also nominally reimbursed by participants for any extra costs that they may incur to run their particular session.

We rely heavily on email communications. If you don’t have internet access yet, you can obtain access at the Cooma Library, SMU3A “Upstairs” or ‘piggy back’ with a friend.  


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