Notice Board – as at 21st March 2021


Details on a number of new classes and events at Snowy Mountains U3A …
The ‘King Arthur’ course was very successful, so we are following up with a new five week course on Alexander the Great.
    • Starts on Thursday 22nd April
    • 11am-12 noon
    • Runs for 5 weeks finishing on 20th May 2021.
    • Please contact tutor Nick Goldie on 0417 299 586 to confirm your attendance
MOBILE PHONES/COMPUTERS/USING PROGRAMS COURSE will be extended by one hour to allow better coverage for all.
    • Basic Mobile assistance will be from 1pm-1.45 pm
    • Next will be Advanced Mobiles from 1.45-3pm
    • Next will be Personal Computers and Laptops from 3-4pm
    • Please contact tutor Otik Uhlik to register your interest in any of these courses on 0406 696 258
It’s time to prepare yourself for that overseas trip that may be possible in the coming months. A new ‘Conversational Italian’ course will be commencing on Wednesday 14th April at 4pm. Your tutor,Ms Jenny Marsicano, will help you to navigate your way around the language. It will be targeted at those wishing to have a basic conversation or to gain assistance if you are lucky enough to travel to an Italian speaking location.
Please email Viv Berryman: or text to 0408 640 809 to register your interest.
      • To be held on Wednesdays starting at 12 noon. 
      • This will cover:
            healthy eating on a budget
            what basic pantry items you should always have on hand
            simple recipes, menus and shopping for food
      • All are welcome to attend, but you must contact the convener Otik on 0406 696 258 prior to attendance to enable him to provide all the appropriate ingredients for you to participate.
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    Does a day out interest you? You could have lunch at the Arboretum and a visit to the Australian War Memorial on Thursday 22nd April. The Snowy Monaro Community Connections have a bus which will be leaving Werri-Nina at 11am. Cost will be $20 and lunch will be at your own expense.
    You will be able to walk through the Flanders Fields memorial Garden and then attend the Last Post Ceremony in the Commemorative Courtyard. Visitors are invited to lay wreaths or floral tributes beside the Pool of Reflection. If you would like to participate please contact Michelle on 02 6451 1054  for further information and to register your interest.
    Fees for 2021 will be the usual $40 for the year.
    UNLESS they were paid up members in 2020 where we will only charge $25 for the year (due to being closed for a few months due to COVID)


    French                  – Mondays from 9:15 am
    Ukelele                 – Monday from 1:30 pm
    Shakespeare        – Mondays from 2pm
    Esperanto             – Mondays from 4pm
    Art classes           – Tuesdays from 10:00 am.
    Poetry                   – Wednesday from 9:30 am
    Mosaics                – Wednesday from 10:00 am
    Shakespeare        – Wednesday from 2:00 pm
    King Arthur           – Thursdays from 11:00 am
    Tai Chi                  – Thursdays from 10:00 am
    Mobile Phones     – Thursdays from 1:00 pm
    Computers           – Thursdays from 2:00 pm
    Using Programs   – Thursdays from 2:00 pm
    Esperanto            – Thursdays from 3:00 pm
    Book Club            –  Fridays from 11:00 am (on every third Friday of the month)
    Crochet                 – Fridays from 12:30 pm

    Card Marking        – First Friday from 10:00 am  (on every first Friday of the month)


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